This Is What It Looks Like When A TV Reporter’s Huge Ego Gets Thrice Shattered On Live TV

by 6 years ago

Public personalities tend to have some of the most inflated egos known to man, and the yesteryear cast of ‘Good Day New York’ was no exception.

The vintage Good Day cast used to be some of the surliest old men ever to grace our television sets, and this ‘Unexpected Thug Life‘ clip makes me long for the time when a story’s merit wasn’t based on a solid foundation of reporting, but rather how much scotch the reporter drank before going on camera.

Here we bear witness to the rarely seen triple smackdown. Thrice the Good Day host absolutely destroy’s the field reporter’s massive ego…each time getting the ‘Unexpected Thug Life’ treatment. Obviously these two had an icy relationship, one that made for incredibly day time television. My only regret is that this pair didn’t stay on TV long enough to see the rise of YouTube, where they’d have crushed it on the Internet (though there are many viral clips available).

I won’t presume to know the entire history between these guys, so I won’t even begin to try and take sides. But it’s obvious that at the beginning of this segment there were two MASSIVE egos on camera, and by the end of it only one remained.

Jim Ryan unfurled his Big Swinging Richard and proceeded to smack Dick Oliver left and right until ‘ol Dick was beat into submission. This isn’t the first time this clip has made the rounds on the Internet, it first gained steam back in 2007, but today it received the glorious ‘Unexpected Thug Life’ revamp it deserved.


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