University Of Georgia Tuba Player Faceplants HARD Running Off The Field, Recovers Like A Pro

georgia tuba player faceplant


Being in the marching band at a major university is no easy job. Long hours practicing, wearing a hot uniform during warm weather games, and it’s even harder when you have to lug around a bigass tuba. But it’s even worse when you have to run with that bigass tuba as one poor bro learned on Saturday during Georgia’s game against Louisiana-Monroe.

Thankfully, Georgia won the game 51-14 after it was called due to bad weather so no one remembers him eating shit. Except all the people in the stadium who saw it. And everyone he knows. And everyone who watches this video…on multiple Web sites. (Dude had SO better use this newfound infamy to at least score on Tinder to make it all worth it.)

H/T Fox Sports