Former MLB Player Posts Photo In The Moments Before Crushing His Son At Uno And That Hand Is Sick

by 3 years ago

We’ve all been on the receiving end of an Uno beating. That one hand of Uno where every card basically smacks you across the face and you’re staggering until your opponent calls “Uno!” after like 30 seconds of game play.

Former MLB pitcher and current commentator CJ Nitkowski handed out an Uno ass beating this weekend to his young son. He posted the above photo to Twitter and it went viral because who doesn’t love a good “make a kid cry” story? I know I love it. I also love making kids cry during board and card games. Here are the moments before I made my kid spit up bile while crying after an insane Monopoly beating.

Owning both utilities sent him to the poor house. Made him my bitch. It’s called family time.

[via Some eCards]

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