This Supernatural Vape Face Swap Has Vape Nation Believing In Toke Ghosts

vape face swap
You can’t go five seconds without seeing a new face swap on the ‘webz, as more and more celebrities and professional athletes get in on re-creating the classic John Travolta and Nicolas Cage movie “Face Off” in real-time.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook traded mugs, Christina Teigen and John Legend exchanged kissers, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens swapped faces and … that might be the one time when the app didn’t send people running for bleach to soak their eyes in. Anything that can make DMX light up is bound to latch on with the world. But, have you seen anything like this quick video of a smokin’ couple who decide to do the dang face swap while vaping…

G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-ghost! The video was originally flooded with encouraging and supportive comments from the rest of “Vape Nation” and then the rest of the Internet caught on and they’re coming down pretty hard on the e-cigarette brethren.

The clip reminds me of How High starring Method Man and Redman. I must’ve watched that on loop for light years. How that movie wasn’t turned into a franchise a la Cheech and Chong is bed, bath, and beyond my comprehension.

how high method man redman smoke

If you’re ever wondering what it would look like for identical twins to face swap, you have this pair of Russians bros to thank…

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