Former Video Game Addict Loses 30 Lbs. In A Year And Transforms His Body To Go From Fat To Fit



Call it a “sport” all you like, but competitive video gaming doesn’t require the same physical stamina as its widely accepted counterparts. Some competitive gamers take time out of their day to hit the gym in order to stay in shape, whereas others say “Why bother?” and go back to trying to beat the speed run record on Mario 64.

Redditor WilliamFancyPants, unfortunately, fell into the latter category. “I used to be a video game addict” he explains, “I remember going to bed at 2 a.m. from playing video games and waking up six hours later to play again. The cycle repeated until I’d lost everything: my social life, my health, my sense of self and purpose.”

Wanting to revamp his life, William says he started out trying to simply eat less, but found that tracking his macros was more enjoyable. He currently eats 234g of protein, 234g of carbs and 52g of fat a day, and while the carbs may seem excessive he says that he’s been able to lose weight consistently without losing muscle by adhering to those stats. His exercise routine is just as regimented:

I attribute my exercise and programming to many different bodybuilders such as Bradley Martyn, Steve Cook, Christian Guzman and more. It’s hard to explain everything in detail, but if you would like to know more about my programming, feel free to inbox me! Here’s a sample of how the week would go for me:

DAY 1 Back and Chest
Pull-ups: 5×8
Deadlift: 5×5
Shoulder Shrugs: 5×20
Cable Row: 4×12
Bench: 5×8
Incline Bench: 4×10
Bodyweight Dips: 4×15
Ab rollers: 3×8

DAY 2 Cardio, Arms, Abs
Stair Master 20 Minutes
Bicep Curls 5×10
Tricep Extension 5×10
Cable Bicep Curl and Tricep Pushdown Superset 5×20 (20 for curls and 20 for pushdowns)
Hanging Leg Raises 4×12
V-Ups 4×12

DAY 3 Shoulders and Back
Lateral Raises 4×15
Lat Pulldowns 4×12
Widegrip Cable Rows 4×15
Barbell Rows 4×10
Bentover Lateral Raises 4×12
Side crunches 4×25

DAY 4 Legs
Weighted Lunges 4×20 (20 each leg)
Barbell Squats 5×10
Leg press 5×20
Leg extension/ Leg Curl Superset 5×12
Light Weight Front Squat 3×12
Hanging Windmills 3×10

DAY 5 Circuit Day/HIIT Day
10 minutes biking high speed
Jump rope 2 minutes with 30 second rests in between up to 20 minutes.
Box jumps 4×15
Burpees until failure for 5 sets.

Not only has William improved his physique, but he is now a full-time college student, holds a part-time job and appears to have found his sense of purpose in life again. Judging from his progress photo, he’s done one helluva job in one year, going from 180 lbs. at 5’8” to a toned 154:



[Via Reddit]

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