VIDEO: New Yorkers Rescue A Girl From An East Village Apartment SECONDS Before It Went Up In A Devastating Fire

This is an insane video. This afternoon a major, ground-shaking explosion rocked a building in the East Village on 2nd Avenue and 7th. The explosion — cause still TBD, though believed to be a gas leak — was felt all around Manhattan, with debris from the building hitting pedestrians on the other side of 2nd Avenue.

Minutes later, the apartment building and a neighboring building erupted into flames. The situation blazed out of control, resulting in a terrifying seven alarm fire. According to reports, up to 30 people are injured.

In the time between the explosion and before the fire started, a girl trying to escape from the blown-out building found herself trapped on the third floor fire escape. Her rescue by civilian by-standers was caught on video by a Twitter user:


Just after this video was taken, the whole building went up in flames. It also demolished the building next to it, home of the famous neighborhood fry joint Pomme Frites;

Flames quickly engulfed the building before it eventually collapsed:

Thoughts and prayers to all. Hits especially close to home because I live not too far from there.

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