Disturbing Video Shows Three NYPD Officers Punching And Kneeing A Pinned Down Man While Making Arrest

by 3 years ago


An unfortunate and disturbing incident occurred at a restaurant in the Bronx today which showed three police officers beating on a man while making an arrest—with the video quickly making its rounds on the Internet as another disgusting incident of police brutality.

The New York Daily News posted about the story this afternoon, but few, if any, details are known about what happened  to cause such a scene. One officer appears to have a cut over his head, but only witnesses—who were pleading with cops to stop their abuse—know what happens, as the NYPD hasn’t made a comment on the issue.

Additionally, another officer can be heard yelling, “If he stops fighting, I won’t hit him.” More details are sure to come as the video continues to be viewed.

[H/T Complex]

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