Video Of Two Dudes Playing Beer Pong In Busy Intersection Goes Viral

by 10 months ago

You think you have all of the pressure of playing beer pong because some cute chick is watching from the sidelines. Imagine the stress of these two gentlemen who play beer pong in a busy intersection in Houston, Texas where a 2002 Ford F-250 bears down on them as they try to sink an important shot.

On Thursday, Juan Johnson and Sol Uresti played beer pong in a heavily congested intersection of Houston. They weren’t using actual beer and instead opted for the deliciously sweet Hawaiian Punch. Right on the intersection of West Road and Airline along I-45 they traded beer pong shots as cars whizzed by. Best not drop your ping pong ball.

“People were laughing and saying ‘You’re crazy,’” said Johnson. “This was the first crazy one we’ve done,” said Uresti. “And it went viral.”

However, the traffic beer pong warriors said that they regret shooting ping pong balls in traffic.

“I’m kind of scared to get charged because it’s in the middle of the intersection right here,” said Uresti. “Just don’t do it.”

It turns out that playing beer pong in traffic may result in misdemeanor charges and fines in excess of $500. So reserve the beer pong games for your backyard.


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