This Guy Won A Whopping $1.5 Million Betting On Donald Trump Becoming The Next US President

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Now we know at least one person who is FOR SURE thrilled that Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. That’s because he won a staggering $1.5 million by betting on it.

While betting on the outcome of elections is illegal here in America, that isn’t the case over the United Kingdom, something that real estate tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz took full advantage of on Tuesday.

According to Metro

He put down £350,000 between brokers Betfair and Spreadex, so stands to make an overall profit of £850,000.

‘I’m surprised by how everybody is stunned that [Trump] actually won,’ the London-based billionaire told as results came in.

‘I didn’t think that it was so black and white. But people are so shocked – I should have got much better odds.’

As for whether Tchenguiz was happy that Trump won, his winning bet notwithstanding, “Am I happy? I’m not going to comment, happy or not happy. We’ll see where it goes. Some of his policies are pretty good, some he will have to tone down. There is going to be a lot of change.”

No kidding.

For what it’s worth, Tchenguiz was not nearly the only one who placed bets on the American election as The Wall Street Journal reported, “The U.S. election attracted more bets than any other political gamble ever in the U.K., with what bookies estimate at around £200 million worth of wagers.”

Looks like there were probably a lot of very unhappy people in the U.K. on Wednesday as well, but for completely different reasons.

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