Guy Who Went Viral For His MIND-BOGGLING Water Slide Exit Has Been Found, And He’s 100% Legit

by 3 years ago

On Tuesday a man exiting a water slide like the biggest boss on planet Earth went super viral because what he did seemed to defy all of the laws of physics.

It was so mind-boggling that even the guy who took the video, Morgan Evick, enlisted the help of an astrophysicist to see if it could possibly be real.

If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, watch and get ready to be gobsmacked…

You can see how people might question the video’s authenticity, right?

Turns out that the video IS in fact real and TMZ even found the guy who performed this amazing water slide wizardry down in Jamaica.

The guy’s name is Rolando Johnson … a 21-year-old lifeguard at Pirates Island Waterpark in Jamaica. He says he practiced it for 2 years before finally sticking the landing, but the technique is pretty simple:

1. Get a big push at the top of the slide for maximum speed
2. Cross your legs and sit up RIGHT before shooting out of the tube.

Rolando says that sitting up motion, coupled with the speed creates the glide.

Johnson also pointed out that while some people thought his shirt had something to do with it, which we alluded to yesterday, it doesn’t. He just pulls it up to his chin to hold it there then puts it back on when he’s done.

He also says he isn’t the only one at the resort who can do it. Many of his co-workers there also know how and they’ve become somewhat of a tourist attraction at the resort.

Here’s a little more video proof that Johnson isn’t alone in performing this kind of magic…


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