Watch As A Humpback Whale Surfaces Underneath A Paddleboarder And Nearly Swallows Him Whole


YouTube / Eric Garcia

This video you can see below shows a migrating humpback whale passing through Santa Cruz, California surface underneath a local paddleboarder. The person on the paddleboard misses getting swallowed by the humpback whale by a matter of a few feet (inches?), and after that close brush with the whale the paddleboarder then dodges getting hit in the face and smashed to smithereens by the whale’s fins.

This is some pretty unique footage, like once in a life time style shit. I’ve been watching this on repeat ever since I first came across the video last night on GrindTV because my eyes/brain refuse to accept how close that whale was to ruining that person’s life, and how someone just happened to be there with a camera running and managed to capture this incredible footage:


YouTube / Eric Garcia

I’ve always said that if I somehow happen to make a massive sum of money and life and can choose where I retire that it’ll be Santa Cruz, California. It’s one of the most naturally beautiful cities I’ve ever spent time in, and it’s got everything the retirement version of me would want in life: surfing, top notch tacos, world class beer bars, perfect weather, fishing…and apparently it’s also a hot bed for humpback whales, something I’d totally be into seeing a lot of.