Live Webcam Broadcasts Mama Eagle Feeding Cat To Baby Eaglets, Internet Gets Appalled

The unbelievable thing about nature is that it is so inhuman. Nature is all about, “I need to fucking survive and I will must kill or be killed.” Some people think nature should be more humanized with rules and proper etiquette. But it’s not. You don’t see deer holding their “DeerLivesMatter signs at a protest near a coyote’s den. Nature is raw, unpredictable, scary and wondrous. So when a bald eagle did what bald eagles do, people lost their goddamn minds.

During a webcam live-stream of a bald eagle nest in Pittsburgh, mama brought her kids a tasty treat. No Domino’s for these hungry eaglets. Tonight’s dinner was… cat.

Rachel Handel, spokeswoman for the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, commented on the cat tartare:

“After reviewing the footage, we believe the cat was dead when it was brought to the nest. We don’t know if it was a pet or feral. It’s impossible to know if the cat was killed by the eagle or was a roadkill, but eagles are opportunists and just as apt to take something that’s already dead as something that’s alive to feed their young.”

Eagles gotta eat.

However, it was a cute kitty cat so people got upset. Had it been a trillion jellyfish slaughtered, no one would bat an eye, one kitten providing dinner for a family of birds and people lose their shit.

There were so many people who were appalled that they witnessed nature being nature that the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania was forced to explain that eagles need to eat things to stay alive.

I hate to break the news to you… butttttt… eagles are called “birds of prey,” not “birds of farming certified organic, sustainable Brussels sprouts.”

I also hate to break the news to you… butttttt… eagles don’t have a Whole Foods where they can go grab some non-GMO tofurkey to feed their family.

Nature is savage as fuck, but it’s also beautiful.