This 18-Year-Old Went From 147 lbs. With A Crippling Knee Injury To 180 lbs. Of Raw Muscle Only One Year Later

Normally we ignore videos that come down our tip line because more often than not, they’re stupid. You’ve got a mix tape and want someone to listen to it? Cool, but that someone isn’t me. Got a super-fucking-amazingly-funny Tinder conversation that got you laid? Great! Except your conversation wasn’t funny and I highly doubt you got laid with the line “Wanna see my boner? I swear it’s at least average.”

But this Bro…this Bro is different.

Via his YouTube summary:

At the end of 2013/14 I had a nasty bacterial infection in my knee joint that moved into my blood due to a chronic problem I have with my knee. I had two surgeries where they open up the joint and wash it out. I lost all my muscle mass and threw up whatever I’d eat. I was in hospital, bed bound, for a month.Once free I was unable to bend my knee but didn’t qualify for any kind of extra help. I lay in bed for another month doing nothing expect eating junk and getting fatter and skinnier. I decided to change when I couldn’t take any more.

Every morning when I woke up I’d stretch my quads as far and hard as I could, tearing everything back to how it was. I’d do this without fail until I couldn’t take the pain. Eventually I regained the ability to walk and began to train. I started off with light leg exercises on machines then eventually got heavier. I bulked through my recovery then cut in the final months before making this video. I still have a long way to go, but this is where I’m currently at and I WILL get better. Everyone has their own personal battles throughout their life, but if you want something bad enough, it can be done.

I’m not one for inspirational messages, but that shit brought a tear to my eye. Even the background track makes my adrenaline spike. Good on you Bro, good on you.