This Is What Would Happen To Your Body If You ONLY Drank Soda Instead Of Water, And Man Oh Man Is It Gross

You may think drinking soda every day sounds like a stretch, but believe it or not there are people out there who actually do it. Coke at breakfast, coke at lunch, coke during snack and coke at dinner – not a drop of water in sight. And why wouldn’t you drink soda instead of water if you could? Soda is packed with sugar and other delicious things, but as long as it doesn’t do shit to your health then who cares?

Except, as you hopefully already know, it DOES fuck with your health. Substituting soda for water can lead to rapid aging, weight gain and let’s not even talk about how rotted your teeth would get. According to the above video, after only one week of swapping soda for water you’ll have consumed approximately 5,432 extra calories. For those keeping track at home, that’s over one pound of fat gained just from chugging soda. Gross.

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