Do You Know What’s In Your Molly? This Video Shows What’s REALLY In Your Drugs, Including Bath Salts And Meth

I know I know, no one likes being preached to, myself included. Hearing over and over again how “drugs are bad” gets old really fast, especially when you’re tuning out everyone who’s spitting the same message at you because at this point you’ve heard it 500 times.

I’m not here to preach. I’m just here to show a nifty video about what goes into your Molly. I don’t care if you like to roll your balls off whenever and wherever you go, but I figured if I found this interesting, you would too:

Of course, this ad is meant to scare you away from doing Molly, so you’d assume it’s blowing at least a little smoke up your ass to a certain degree, right?

Maybe not.

THUMP reached out to an MDMA (Molly, you shitheads) dealer in Canada to see what was real and what was a load of bullshit in the ad. For your reference, THUMP uses the fake name “Chris” when talking about the Molly dealer:

Chris says that while not all pills will contain these drugs, it’s more common than you would think. “It’s totally true,” he confirms. “But speed [amphetamine] is more often used. It makes pills seem more potent to the user and is cheaper, so you can use less MDMA crystal.”

Unlike the scene in the video, dealers will often only add one additional drug. “Bath salts are rarely used in conjunction with meth and MDMA in the same pill,” Chris says, though he admits that more than one additive is possible. “It’s those freak cases where things get especially dangerous.

Chris’ biggest problem with the video? How clean the lab was.