Bros, If You’ve Ever Turned Down Sex From Your Girlfriend This Is Probably THE EXACT Reaction You Received



This video explores the myriad reactions that a man encounters when turning down sex from his girlfriend. It’s hilarious, but not in a ‘pissed myself while laughing out loud’ kind of way. This video’s more like a ‘yup, that was funny because just like every other male on this planet I’ve been in that exact situation.’ The language in this video’s might be a little NSFW for some of you, so just be very prepared for that:

It’s not common for a guy to turn down sex, but when he does the reaction is nearly the same every time: ‘are you cheating on me?’ ‘what do those BBW and midget videos have that I don’t?’ Women aren’t used to getting shut down for sex because that’s just not the way the world spins. If we’re being frank here though then I feel the need to tell you bros that it’s important to refuse from time to time just to make sure there isn’t an imbalance of power. You don’t want the initiation of sex to be a one way street so you need to make sure you’re holding just as many cards in the deck as she is, and withholding anything just makes people want it all that much more.

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