This TV Anchor From West Virginia CANNOT Dance—But That Didn’t Stop Him When ‘Where They At Doe?’ Came On

I’m not saying this guy doesn’t have any moves whatsoever, but from where I’m sitting it appears that he has but ONE move, and it involves using iPads as his props while dancing to T.I.’s ‘Where they at doe?’

At :43 this bro asks his co-anchor “Come on, dance a little bit?” to which she replies “I can’t dance…on camera.”

So you CAN dance, but just not ON camera?!? What exactly is it about your dancing that precludes it from being on camera? I KNOW this isn’t a confidence thing. You’re a damned news anchor, so confidence isn’t in issue. The ONLY plausible explanation I’m coming up with here is that she dances like such a freak that it cannot be seen by the masses. Can you think of ANY other possible explanation here?

tip of the hat to TastefullyOffensiveDan Thorn (the anchor in this video dancing) is now a legend in my book for at least putting it all out there.


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