A Group Texting App Turned Off Its Spell Checker To See What Words Millennials Mess Up The Most

The group texting app Blend turned off its spellchecker for 72 hours in order to see which words millennials misspell the most. In this case they looked at 200,000 random users between the ages of 16 to 24, and the results are genuinely interesting. It turns out that millennials have NO respect for the King of Beers, they just cannot spell ‘Budweiser’ to save their lives. In fact it’s that whole ‘I before E except after C’ that really throws texters off. Bros misspelled words more frequently than lady bros, and the biggest offenders in the social experiment were people aged 19 to 21, who apparently cannot spell for shit.

Blend Group Messenger shared their data with Business Insider, here’s what else they found:

The app pulled data from 200,000 random users — on average between the ages of 16 and 24 — for the experiment.
According to the company, some of the most frequently misspelled words were “weird,” “definitely” and “Budweiser.”
In two of those cases, users were betrayed by the classic classroom rule-of-thumb “‘i’ before “e” except after ‘C,'” misspelling “weird” as “wierd” and “Budweiser” as “Budwieser.” Meanwhile, “definitely” often emerged as the similarly spelled adverb “defiantly.”

Budweiser isn’t the only beer that’s getting slighted by millennials. Shockingly, people on the east coast can’t spell ‘Yuengling’ for shit. They want to spell it phonetically, which I guess is something we can blame Obama and ‘Hooked on Phonics’ for:

The company also sorted the results by region and found some interesting discrepancies. Users on the West Coast of the US seemed to struggle with double letters, disproportionately dropping a “u” from “vacuum” and an “s” from “possession,” resulting in “vacum” and “possesion.”
They also struggled to place the pesky “u” in “restaurant,” typing “restaraunt” more often than their East Coast counterparts.
East Coasters had similar difficulties: “Embarrassing” shed an “r” to become “embarassing,” while the “silicon” in “Silicon Valley” gained an extra “l” as “sillicon.” They also stumbled with “Yuengling” — a Pennsylvania brewery with a German name — often spelling it phonetically as “Yingling.”

Other common misspellings included the following:

‘sex’ in place of ‘sec’.
‘duck’ in place of ‘fuck’.

And according to Business Insider, these are the cities with the worst spellers:

Brooklyn, NY
Dallas, TX
San Mateo, CA
Fort Worth, TX

You know, in the whole English language there’s only one word that gives me trouble when it comes to spelling: floccinaucinihilipilification…which loosely means ‘to treat something as if it were nothing’ or ‘the action of estimating something as worthless’. So in this case I think my troubles with spelling floccinaucinihilipilification are just that, worthless. Now if only I could get a better spellcheck for my articles, because while my spelling is top notch my typing is sometimes a complete dumpster fire, and you bros deserve better than my typos….Thank God I spell better than this kid:

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