Who’s The Girl In The Taco Bell ‘Rolled Chicken Tacos’ Commercial?

Meeting a chick’s parents is never easy. Meeting dad will housing a delicious rolled chicken taco from Taco Bell would be even harder. “Am I supposed to stop eating to shake this fool’s hand? Can’t he see I’m eating? Great, I’m going to be related to this moron someday. I’ll have to call him dad, laugh at his jokes, and wipe his ass in the months before he drops dead.”

The guy in this Taco Bell rolled chicken tacos decides the best thing to do is just plant a big old chicken stained kiss on dad’s forehead. Ballsy. Too bad his girlfriend doesn’t approve.

So who’s the hot chick in the Taco Bell rolled chicken tacos commercial? Her name is Alexandra Siegel.

Alexandra Siegal is an actress who appeared in several Funny Or Die videos and on Eastbound and Down and How I Met Your Mother. Alexandra’s dad, Matt Siegal, is a radio icon. He’s the host of the Matty in the Morning Show in Massachusetts on KISS 108 and has been on the air in Boston for over thirty years.

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