Wife Writes Scathing, Super Revealing Letter To Her Cheating Husband’s Mistress After Finding Bite Marks On Him

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This is the shit that makes me never want to get married. Dude cheats on wife, wife goes on Facebook and writes a public tell-all to his husband’s mistress and cc’s her entire friend list, achieving nothing more than making all three of them look like psychopaths and giving us something to giggle at.

But what troubles me is that this married couple most likely and a lovely wedding day–complete with a live band, delicious finger foods, and friends and family describing their love as “transcendent” and other bullshitty words people use to convince themselves that ‘soul mates’ is something more than a term used to sell Hallmark cards. There was so much hope on that beautiful day, so much promise.

There wasn’t one person in attendance who thought that this scumbag would dog his wife and that she’d fly over the handle bars with a post that touches on his cock, his financial instability, and even their children together.


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Stay single forever, bros. You can only upset yourself.

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