Watch A Severely Pissed-Off Wife Smash Up Her Cheating Husband’s Volkswagen With A Mallet

Is this really the best you can do? If you want to get back at him hit where it really hurts, which (while I could be wrong) probably isn’t a fucking Volkswagen. If anything he can just report you for destruction of property and you’ll be forced to pay to repair the car yourself. Is that what you want? No, that’s how the terrorists win. Instead what you have to do is slowly poison him by injecting radioactive isotopes into his food over a period of 2 years. Eventually his hair will fall out, he’ll become incontinent and at the very last stages his flesh will slither off his body and he’ll die. Doesn’t that sound better than taking a mallet to a lame-ass Volkswagen? I thought so.

[H/T Mirror]

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