Woman Calls 911 After Chinese Place Sends Her Bad Food, Asks Dispatcher If She Should Beat Up Restaurant Employees

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The good folks at 911 can help you with lots of things. How to perform CPR. What to do when someone is choking. Advice for if you see someone on a bridge about to jump.

They are trained in all manner of emergencies. However, what they are not equipped to do is advise you when you get bad Chinese food from a shitty joint in Ohio.

No, they’ll just have a cop sent to your house to arrest you for abusing 911. That’s what happened to Tracey McCloud. She got bad Chinese food from Main Moon. When they wouldn’t give her her money back, she called 911. Here’s the transcript.

“Main Moon in College Plaza. I had bought some Chinese Food and it’s not to par … and they won’t give me my money back.”

“This is why you called 911?”

“What am I supposed to jump over the thing and beat them up and get my money back?”


You can listen to the recording below. The dispatcher gets PISSED.

Like we said, McCloud was arrested.

[Via First We Feast]

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