Woman Caught On Film Being Royally Racist Turd On NYC Subway And It’s Coming Back To Bite Her In The Ass

According to the description included with the original LiveLeak video, what you see above was captured “…somewhere in Brooklyn, NY onboard a J Train. This racist, disgruntled white woman became enraged without provocation at the sight of inner city African American males from East New York riding the train due to their skin color. The rest of the video explains itself. As the racial slurs continued, she began to induce physical violence on a commuter by kicking him. A courageous subway rider began to film this racist piece of shit and posted her on the internet so everybody online will know and recognize what a pathetic human being she is. Hopefully she will be arrested for assault, harassment and hate crime.”

Gee whiz, toot your own horn some more why don’t you. Not that the description is wrong – the chick definitely jumped off her rocker to go bark up the wrong tree. But I don’t know if “courageous” is how I would describe the subway rider who filmed the video. “Living,” sure. “Presumably breathing,” definitely, but courageous? Dude’s filming a possibly drunk girl (she slurs her words during parts of the video) who AT BEST is 5’6”, MAYBE 5’7” and 120 pounds. Barring any pepper spray in her purse the worst she’s gonna do to the people on that train is, well, scream obscenities and racial slurs.

As for the aftermath of this video, from what I can find online she hasn’t been arrested for anything, but considering her face is featured prominently throughout it shouldn’t be long until she at least gets sacked from her job if she has one. Likelihood that she’s a sheltered trust fund baby who just inherited daddy’s millions is riding around at least 75%, which means she probably doesn’t even have a job. If we’re to go off of what the commenters have to say though, girlfriend would’ve had her ass beat:

[H/T Daily Mail]