SAVAGE: Scorned Woman Puts Her Cheating Girlfriend On Blast And Invites Her Side Chick To The Revenge Party

No matter your gender nor your sexual orientation when love goes wrong, it really, really sucks. Now you can deal with this heartbreaking news by vandalizing your former partner’s car and risk going to jail or you can be smart and make a sweet viral video like this young woman.

The chick found out that her girlfriend was cheating on her so she set up an elaborate ruse to embarrass the shit out of her. The cheater thought she was being treated to a romantic date that featured flowers and chocolate.


The cheater is brought to a car where the camerawoman presents printed out internet chats (In color, someone must be a millionaire to afford all that color ink).

Then the cheater’s lesbian side chick enters the vehicle. And more printouts are revealed, this time they are between the cheater and the side chick.

The cheater becomes infuriated even though she was the one who cheated and stormed out of the car and slammed the door.

Give this girl credit. She put in the effort to plan this elaborate public humiliation of her cheating girlfriend. She put more time and elbow grease into exposing her unfaithful girlfriend than I have ever put into any college presentation. This chick went to like Kinkos to make copies and shit. God bless her.