Woman Assumes Her GPS Is Infallible And Follows Its Commands Straight Into A Lake

I’m assuming what we’re dealing with here is either a woman who doesn’t want the world to realize she is blind or a woman who believes machines are unable to be incorrect. Either way, it’s some real concerning stuff. And it’s definitely not a point in the ‘win’ column for women drivers, which is the real tragedy here.

Via Mashable:

“A woman in Tobermory, Ontario drove down a boat ramp and into Lake Huron last Thursday thanks to faulty directions from her GPS.

According to the Canadian Press, the woman (who did not want to be identified for understandable reasons) was attempting to navigate a nighttime fog, and depended a little too heavily on the GPS to lead her in the right direction. Luckily, she was able to roll down the window, retrieve her purse and clamber out of the car before it started to sink.

She is reportedly doing just fine, with no injuries other than a few technological trust issues.”

Thank God she saved her purse. It sounds like she’s going to need to hang onto that iPhone of hers since she just gave her GPS a bath. But let’s be real: Look at that ramp. How did she not see the water? It’s not like she was driving off a cliff. The ramp slowly but steadily led her straight to water. It’s like the old saying about horses. You can lead a horrible driver to disaster, but you can’t force them to step on the brake. I’m really not sure what this woman’s angle is here. Was she just not looking up from her GPS and suddenly found herself surrounded by water? Why not just throw the car in reverse? How did she travel that far down the ramp before she realized she shouldn’t have been travelling that direction? I guess my true concern here is just how trusting of machines this woman is. This is the beginning of the end, bros. We’ve all seen Terminator. At a certain point, where does original thought end and the influence of machines begin? How do we know the robots didn’t want this woman to end up at the bottom of the lake? After all, you know what the easiest way to wipe out the human race is? One by one.