Cute Woman Wakes Up From Surgery Thinking Her Hands Are Pac-Man Characters

jenn pac-man surgery

YouTube - Jenn Pacmman

This woman we’ll call Jenn, because that’s her name, has one of the cutest waking up from surgery videos you’ll ever see. Until something goes horribly awry — in her mind.

You see, Jenn woke up from leg surgery believing that her hands were Pac-Man characters. She even makes the little bloop-bleep noises a bit she’s so convinced.

Clearly her left hand is Pac-Man as she makes the universal hand gesture for chomping, while her right hand is something else. Perhaps part of the maze or a ghost, god forbid. Because that’s when things get sad and tears start to roll.

It would seem that Jenn has made a wrong turn and is stuck in the maze. A friend or member of her family tries to help by guiding her Pac-Man hand in a new direction, but that doesn’t seem to solve her dilemma at all.

As she said, on the caption to her video, “My hands were the Pacman characters. Nothing else to explain haha.” Oh, but there was Jenn, there was.