Watching This Woman With DD Breast Implants In Her Butt Twerk Is Like Watching A Plate Of Jell-O Ride A Massage Chair

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I have a morbid curiosity with failed plastic surgeries. THERE! I finally said it. Kinda feels good to get that off my chest but at the same time not, mostly because it means I enjoy watching Botched, a television show on E! which is essentially the channel you watch if you’re a basic white chick who can’t go a day without watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Fuck me gently, fuck me rough, but don’t make me watch E!, if you please.

But like I said, Botched is “aite,” and the past episode where they helped a woman with DD breast implants in her butt was fascinating.

Jana Stoner had DD breast implants inserted into her bum to give her Kardashian-sized curves. But now she wants them removed because her butt cheeks ‘twerk on their own’.

‘Jana’s butt implants are so big that when she twerks her buttock implants twerk independently of herself,’ he explains. ‘They have their own zip code.’

He’s also fascinated by the amount of control Jana can wield over each buttock. ‘It’s interesting that she can control each one individually,’ he tells colleague Dr Nassif, who looks deeply uncomfortable.(Via)

Check out the clip below to see what they’re talking about. It’s one of those things where you’re kinda like “ew” but not really and you can’t stop watching because it’s just so…round and, out there.

-Cue end of Sir Mix-A-Lot references-

[H/T Metro]

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