Women Described Their Boyfriends’ Penises To A Sketch Artist And It Went About How You’d Expect

We’ve already seen women describe their vaginas to police sketch artists then try to pick them out of a lineup, so I guess this was the next logical step, right, Internet?

At least that’s what the folks over at Distractify thought when they had several girlfriends try to describe their boyfriends’ penises to a police sketch artist with widely varying results.

Using the same couples from a previous video they did last week where couples described each other to a sketch artist, these poor men had to hear their dicks described with terms like a “mushroom with a smiley face” and “can of beans.” Not good.

One woman even had to ask her boyfriend what his nickname for his penis is so the artist could write it underneath the photo. She screwed it up when she asked. Yeah, those two are never going to make it. It was “White Lightning” by the way.