Bro Playing ‘World Of Warcraft’ Gets Trolled Hard By His Squad When A Huge 7.5 Earthquake Hits

by 1 year ago

Have you ever asked a hardcore gamer to do something in the middle of playing video games? It’s impossible. There’s no way they’re going to exit a match in the middle of it. They’d rather have their nuts chopped off while “in the zone,” even if it’s mid-natural disaster.

This World Of Warcraft dude fulfills the stereotypes of all World Of Warcraft dudes when a 7.5 earthquake hits in New Zealand. Despite his yelling and attempting to hide under his gaming desk, his squad doesn’t care and makes fun of his relentlessly.

“Sadly, due to my panic I missed a few mechanics and the healers were distracted … which led to my in-game death at which point my girlfriend yelled for me to take cover. For all wondering, we are fine, the house is fine and she is fine! My Girlfriend doesn’t scare easily with these sort of things so she checked the house and went back to bed until we had to evacuate.”

That’s dedication to the game, Bro. Pat yourself on the back for being a hell of a team member.

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