The World’s Largest Whoopee Cushion Puts The ‘Art’ Back In ‘Fart’

Behold the world’s largest Whoopee Cushion. Somewhere out there may be a larger Whoopee Cushion, but it doesn’t work as beautifully as this bed-sized fart factory. This is the world’s largest functioning Whoopee Cushion, and thus in my mind it’s also the world’s largest. With so much air trying to escape this Whoopee Cushion it almost sounds like an actual Harley-Davidson, which in some ways is sort of sad for Harley fans, but in other ways it’s pretty awesome. I thought Harley-Davidson riders couldn’t weather the storm after South Park dumped all over them a few years ago, and now this?! Whatever will they do?

This is the adult-sized equivalent to putting playing cards in your spokes as a kid to make it sound like a motorbike. Why hasn’t this magnificent creation been put into production yet? THIS is the sort of ingenuity we need to be funding. Screw flying to the moon! What has landing on the moon ever done for the USA? Aside from the average penis length of men in America going up 2-inches after we planted that flag on the moon, what has NASA really done for us? Why aren’t we allocating all of the NASA funds to building gigantic Whoopee Cushions? The world would be such a better place with Whoopee Cushions the size of inflatable beds.

Also, look at the priceless reaction from the cat! That alone is enough reason to begin funding these: