These Stories Of People’s Most Horrific Drug-Related Experiences Are A Serious Bad Trip

worst drug related experiences


Drugs are bad, mmkay?

At least it was for these people over on “Ask Reddit” who answered the question, “What is the worst drug related experience you’ve ever had?”

Now we’re not just talking had a bad hangover or missed work kind of bad here. These folks went above and beyond. Hell, some of these stories don’t even involve illegal drugs and they’re just as awful.

Here are some of the worst of the worst. Side effects of reading them may vary.

I took a white pill while partying in Ibiza, while I was drunk. I had no idea what it was. An hour later or so, I thought I was about to die because I was short of breath. Somehow I managed to get a cab and rush to the hospital while my friends were still at the party. I collapsed at the emergency room door of the hospital.

When I gained consciousness I was told that the drug I had consumed contained a mixture of methamphetamine, horse tranquilizer and some other elements, which I don’t remember. The doctor said that I could have been brain dead. What restored my faith in humanity was that the cab driver who had driven me to the hospital was sitting right next to my bed reading a magazine.

I can’t thank him enough. Thank you, Abimbola. He saved my life. ~ LAZY_IAM

I have a Peruvian friend who’s diet is very tough on his anus, so the dude has some powerful laxatives. I was pretty blocked up one day so I took a stool softener and two laxatives from him. I had sharp, shooting pains in my abdomen for like 6 hours then it finally all ended at 2 in the morning with the worst diarrhea I’ve ever had in my entire life. I’ve had stomach parasites before, and this dump somehow managed to be worse. I’m talking a 10 second long stream of pure liquid shit followed by an hour of trickling lava poo. My asshole was like a broken Keurig. Yeah, that was definitely my worst experience with drugs. ~ iamyournewdad

One year we had a new years party, made tons of sandwiches, drank a bunch of beer, smoked a lot of weed, then took 7g each of mushrooms (all in 1 hour) I remember laying on the floor staring at the ceiling fan chewing on my hoodie strap when the end of Pink Floyd’s The Wall where they all start chanting “TEAR DOWN THE WALL. TEAR DOWN THE WALL. and I lost my shit.


I ran to the roof to hurl. Pieces of my ham sandwich are reattaching to make a complete sandwich. I run back downstairs

A few minutes later, Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill is on, I’m chilling. Til a half hour later when we all realize “girls” is skipping and playing the chorus over and over and over.. ~ michaelh33

I took LSD on Halloween with a friend. You can’t smoke cigarettes in his house, only outside on the back porch, so that’s where we went.

While we’re smoking, Friend notices a head on the other side of the fence, kind of boobing (Edit : Bobbing) back and forth, Like he’s trying to check us out.

We lose our shit and go inside, Eventually forget about the guy, have some fun, and go back outside for a smoke. Dude is still watching us. What the fuck.

We quietly decide that one of us has to man up and confront this FUCKING FREAK staring at us. So I walk over towards the fence, The guy still moving his head around like some sort of horror movie freak.

I slowly get closer and closer, More and more terrified as time passes. It feels like it’s taking me forever to get to this guy, my arms and legs are bags of sand, I can’t think strait. What am I even going to say to this guy?

I get closer, And see the dude on the other side of the fence. I tense up, I get scared, But I’m going to confront this dude.

I get closer…. It’s a balloon tied to the fence, moving around in the wind.

Still, Never been so terrified in my entire life. LSD is one hell of a trip. ~ thedudethedudegoesto

While abroad in Australia someone offered me peyote and I figured “Hey, when will I ever get this chance again.” I don’t really remember a lot, but I woke up in a completely different province of Australia, in a jeep I don’t remember renting, wearing my friend’s clothing, who appeared to be asleep next to me, with a flurry of empty condom wrappers in the glovebox.

I wish I was making this up… ~ Devmic

One time my friend gave me a “good cookie” the morning after a party. I went home and decided to eat this huge, delicious, homemade cookie. Short while later, I was so incredibly high I was panicking and contemplating calling 911 because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I couldn’t walk, speak properly, and I was starting to hallucinate. I was laying in my bed and I started seeing galaxies in front of me and I was flying around space checking out alien civilizations. She said it was just a weed cookie but man that scared me. ~ metaknight95

Took LSD when I was 14, lost my glasses. Went totally crack pot insane.

Total memory blank, tried to throw my friend down the stairs, couldn’t speak. they didn’t handle the situation very well and locked me outside. I wondered off and they could find me after they realised I’d “run away”

Someone found me, called the police and then I got put me in a medically induced coma which lasted a number of days. I don’t details of what happened in that hospital.

That was probably the worst drug related experience i’ve had to endure. LSD isn’t a toy. ~ GoAwayJesus101

Ketamine/ K-Hole. Completely convinced I was Dead and no longer human, unable to speak or move. Only half positive thing was a voice that sounded like my own but deeper kept saying “Gerhardtschtitties is dead, but we’re okay.” ~ gerhardtschtitties

I was tripping on mushrooms alone and listening to The Beatles when John Lennon’s weird voice put me into an absolute tail spin. I was freaking out, literally crying, until I heard Paul McCartney which soothed me. Lennon comes in and I’m back to nightmare mode, Paul takes over and I’m peaceful again.

To this day I get a little anxiety whenever I hear John Lennon’s voice. ~ Qiex

Found out if you take enough Benadryl you can have full on hallucinations. Was doing it with a friend but he got tired (no shit) and went home, that’s when it kicked in. I would keep asking him if he was going to leave, only to realize he had. I was talking to my gf on Facebook, but she was also sitting on my desk talking. If I touched her she would silently disappear. Lost all touch with reality, couldn’t figure out what was real and what wasn’t. Plus it made my heart palpate like crazy, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Tried drinking water and my throat seized up causing me to spit it all out and choke. Ended up laying down watching my two friends take turns showing each other YouTube videos on my computer for hours. They weren’t there. ~ hexdanlan

Parents were staying hours away at a friends cabin for the weekend, and I was home alone. Decided it’d take some acid and spend the night trippin’. I dropped it, and a hour later was flying. After watching Osmosis Jones, I really had to piss, so I went upstairs to the bathroom. While peeing I started to see 2 toilets and couldn’t decide which was the real one, which made a mess. When I finished I opened the door and THERE were my parents. They decided to come home. ~ ZooRage

I once took 60 pills of cold medicine my friend and I stole from a grocery store. They called the police, but we made it back to his house. I had never done anything like it, just smoked weed. Anyway, long story short, I felt good for an hour, then I realized I was allergic to it. All over my body was raised bumps and scars. I itched myself for hours and threw up around 11 times. I also couldn’t determine what was real and what was not. Was not cool, dude. ~ 47sams

I started dating a girl who was a major pothead. I’d never tried pot before, and I figured that I would need to learn how to smoke if this relationship was going anywhere. I bought a pipe and a couple grams of pot (and getting drugs for the first time when you have no idea what you’re doing is a story in and of itself), and sat by myself at home and smoked.

Of course, I had no idea how much to smoke, or anything like that. I only knew you were supposed to hold it in your lungs as long as possible every time you inhaled. Anyway, long story short I got wayyyyyyyy too high.

My head felt like it was being repeatedly slammed against something. I was cold. I was hot. I couldn’t stop the head-slamming feeling. If I sat up I felt vertigo, if I laid down the slamming feeling got worse. It was a scary, uncomfortable feeling.

About an hour later (or approximately a week and a half in high-time) the head-slamming feeling subsided, and I ordered a ton of Chinese food and ate it all in one sitting. And then I took a nap. ~ boobieaficionado

I fucking died.

I was vising the town I grew up in and ran into an old buddy. In the spirit of bad decision making I decided to take him up on his offer to do some GHB with him. I had a drink earlier and had never done GHB before. I knew alcohol and GHB didn’t mix, but was like ‘Ah one drink is gonna be out of my system by now.’ Nope.

I remember (after a while) trying to put my shoes on and it taking like a half hour. I could only move like a pendulum. I’d swoop close to the shoe to make a loop and then it was too far away, until the next pass. Then I’m up on my feet, walking down the stairwell, out the door and then pavement rushing at my face. The next thing I know, I’m in a hospital with an IV and a tube in my dick taking the biggest breath I’ve ever taken. I can’t remember anything of the last week. It was when my best friend from grade 7 walks by that I even realize I’m in the wrong town. He asked me what I was doing there and I had no idea. The thought I may have been raped is just starting to creep in. Eventually a nurse check on me and let me know I had flat-lined, and they shot me full of ‘anti-narcotic’ and I’m lucky to be alive. ~ BlindfoldedNinja

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