If You Buy These ‘Dope’ Flip Flops Make Sure You Don’t Cross Your Legs, Or You Might End Up In Prison

by 4 years ago

These flip flops with the word ‘dope’ emblazoned across them (split into two letters a sandal) is quite possibly the least thought out product ever sold. What makes these sandals so awful? Consider for a second that if you were wearing these flip flops and crossed your legs, then these flops from ASOS say ‘Pedo’, a shorthand version of the word ‘pedophile’, and a moniker that’s likely to either get someone tossed in the clink or beaten to a bloody pulp. When you take that into consideration these ‘Dope’ sandals are anything but, in fact they’re the exact opposite of being ‘dope’.

First brought to the web’s attention yesterday in the tweet below, these flip flops quickly began to make headlines worldwide for just how foolish they are in design:


According to the Metro UK, so far the only response to these ‘Pedo’ sandals from ASOS is that ‘pedo’ is not a word…Which sounds like someone’s not really willing to take the blame for being a complete idiot on this one.

I’m willing to go ahead and call these THE WORST flip flops in the history of footwear. Which begs the question: What are the BEST FLIP FLOPS in the history of sandals? Well, it just so happens that I put together a round up of the best flip flops on the market not too long ago, which you can read in full below:

A Beach Bro’s Summer Style Guide: The Best Board Shorts And Flip Flops On The Market

[HappyPlace via Metro UK]

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