People Revealed The Worst ‘Reply-All’ Email Disasters They’ve Ever Seen And They’re Like Straight Out Of A Nightmare

Who among us has not at one point or another accidentally hit “Reply-All” when responding to an e-mail only to freak the hell out when we realized what a horrifying mistake we just made?

Very few moments will more strike terror into your heart than when it happens, so imagine how the people who sent the “Reply-All” e-mails below felt?

Here are some of the more horrific examples reported over on a recent edition of “Ask Reddit.”

Worked at a large Fortune 100 company (~70k employees) a few years back. CEO sent out an email to “All Users”, then some fuckstick replys all with a comment back. The chain reaction of dimwits all clicking Reply All to say “Stop pressing reply all” brought the email system to its knees for about 5 days. ~ DamnPillBugs

I saw a guy ‘reply all’ with a file attached that included the social security number of his whole family, his income, wife’s income, etc. ~ optimaloutcome

HR manager sent an Excel workbook with some pertinent info on the first sheet to everyone, but failed to remove the fourth sheet which had everybody’s salary. ~ emby5

There was an email floating around the office about some sort of event that someone was trying to organize. I can’t remember exactly what it was about, but this woman clearly thought she was only responding to her friend when she wrote, “I’ll tell you the coochy cream story later.” ~ unozom

A woman sent a retirement announcement inadvertently to the entire, tens-of-thousands strong agency I work for. People were hitting reply all to tell others not to reply all. It went on for hours. ~ tiedyeladyland

Worked on a TV show that everyone except the creator hated, and everyone knew from the ratings would be canceled any second. I was working in legal, and on an email chain where a report of outstanding legal issues for the upcoming episode was sent to literally everyone you could think of (50+ people) ranging from me (one title above entry level) to the head of the network.

A middling executive replied to all “they’re getting canceled and we still have to deal with this shit?”

To make matters worse, she attempted to RECALL the email, just drawing more attention to it, and then replied to all again “PLEASE DISREGARD LAST EMAIL, TRYING TO GENERATE AN INTERNAL REPORT FOR [MY DEPARTMENT], HIT THE WRONG BUTTON”

It was the “Hit the wrong button” that sent me and my boss into hysterics. I so badly wanted to reply that we didn’t know there was a shit-talk button.’ ~ BigOldQueer

My cousin once sent an email meant for his girlfriend to everyone in his address book. He wrote in great detail about the ways in which he and his brothers English bulldog were going to have sex with her when he got home. This probably happened 15 years ago, and I’m sure he has convinced himself that everyone has forgotten. Things like that stay forever. ~ Eddie_shoes

My former coworker hit reply all on an email about a golf scramble. He tried forwarding it to another guy talking about seeing one of the new interns in a short golfing skirt.

Notice I said “former” coworker… Also, my team won the golf scramble if that matters. ~ iStankonia

After an all staff announcement (around 2000 people) from the new CEO about an upcoming downsizing, one person replied to everyone shortly after saying:

“Can you believe this shit Kate? This new CEO is such a fucking cunt, I swear if I see him on the street I’ll break his fucking neck”

As you can imagine, that’s threats of violence and taken pretty seriously. On the plus side though, she didn’t have to stress about the downsizing anymore because she was fired. ~ ask_me_if_Im_lying

I’m a teacher, and I am in a group chat with my fellow department members.

This past school year, Person A lost his grandmother, whom he was very close with, a week before his wedding. He really wanted her to be there, and he was quite upset. Naturally, as a department, we threw around the idea of getting him a card and putting some money in it for him.

The next day Person B, an ignorant, middle-aged woman who is terrible with technology, makes the mistake of replying to the group chat, instead of the person she was bitching to. Her reply went something along the lines of: “This is ridiculous. I don’t have the money to give him. I have too much going on in my life right now and I really don’t need this. I’m not giving money.” Meanwhile, this lady drives a brand spankin’ new Mercedes to school every day, and spends hundreds of dollars on her hair and nails a week (she brags about it often).

Needless to say, Person A was extremely embarrassed, and the rest of us were pissed. ~ Thebutthairbandit

Our school district sent out an email asking for ideas of ways to save money. A person replied to all with the names/positions of the people she thought were expendable and why. ~ CrazyCatWomen4life

Company-wide email about the use of proper language on the floor – there had been a few cases of people swearing in front of clients, etc.

Guy responds “fuck that” or something similar, thinking he was forwarding it to a friend to discuss the situation.

…he was let go twenty minutes later. ~ Ryinth

At university my best friend spent the summer travelling in Vietnam and Thailand, he sent me a very sordid email about all the whores and sluts he was banging. Unfortunately he’d hit “reply all” to one of those chain mails that went around friends back in the day and even more unfortunate was that his girlfriend was one of the recipients. ~ rapmachinenodiggidy

Annd on that happy note I think we’ll call it a day here.

If you want, you can check out the rest of the cringe-worthy stories over at Reddit.

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