What The F*ck France: English Bro Sounds Off On French Obsession With Coffee And I’m Crying With Laughter

I love a good cup of coffee as much as the next bro. In any given day I’ll drink between 2-3 cups, some days it’s a lot more, and when possible I like to throw in a latte to switch things up. My obsession with coffee pales in comparison to the French.

I’ve never been to Paris, only Cannes and Nice, but even there the French fixation on coffee and the cafe was blatantly obvious. The cafe (and coffee) are so deeply embedded into French culture that they have invented completely asinine terms for coffee that have nothing to do with coffee at all.

In this clip, Englishman Paul Taylor sounds off about the French obsession with coffee and if you’re thinking about visiting France in the near future, or ever, then this is a great primer of what to expect when your plane touches down.

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