A Doctor Shared X-Rays Of The Most WTF Things He’s Seen People Swallow And GOOD GOD

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The pictures below were shared on Imgur from a doctor who works in the psychiatric ward of some Emergency Room, and it’s a collection of X-Ray images showing the most WTF things people have ever swallowed (orally or rectally). Now I just have one question: which one of you did it? Which of you bros is the person who swallowed an entire fishing lure, treble hook and all? I just want to make sure you’re getting the treatment you need, because behavior like that just doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle, and I’m here looking out for your well being.

You can’t go through life swallowing things like fishing hooks, nails, nose hair trimmers, and certainly not cueballs. It’s not good for your digestive tract, and it’s not good for you anus. No matter which end this stuff enters your body it’s a lose-lose situation. If you can’t tell by now I’m just rambling to make sure that these images are down the page a little ways, because some of them are pretty FUUUUUCCKKKEDDD UP, and I want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before clicking:

a doctor's slideshow of foreign body removal xrays https://t.co/Bhh5jX0r6Y


Nails. Fingernail clippers. Fishing hooks. Knives….WTF?! I could have gone my entire life without knowing these exist.

As for any of you who might think that this is a HIPAA violation, it is not. All of the protected health information has been stripped from the X-Rays, and thus there is nothing in violation about these photos, nothing at all.

[Imgur / YouNasty]

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