I’m Not Sure If ‘Wushu’ Is Some Form Of Martial Arts, Or If These Women Are On Meth

The body is a weird sight to behold when it’s moving as quickly and erratically as we see here in this video. These two Wushu martial artists (if that’s even a real thing), are moving at light speed and in perfect unison of each other.

My theory is obviously that they took too much adderall, probably in the range of two 30mg XR’s each, and decided to watch YouTube. Fifteen minutes later they were both outside in the lawn fighting with sticks, a month later (and thousands of milligrams deep) they’re the world’s greatest Wushu fighters….if that’s even a real thing.

Just watch and be amazed as these two go full Wushu, and if there’s one thing I know for certain: you NEVER go full Wushu.

WUSHU, not to be confused with WOOSAH.


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