If You’re Going To Confront Your Insane Neighbor, Turn The Camera On First Like This Guy Did

by 6 years ago


This could have been an entirely different situation had this calm and reasonable gentleman not turned his camera on before confronting his neighbor about why she blasts the speakers inside her house every time she leaves her home.

According to the sleuths over at Reddit, she’s doing this because she wants the man and his wife to move out so her family can move in next door. This is a possibility that would have never occurred to me, and Im’ not really sure it’s applicable here. I’m 100% convinced that this lady is just batshit insane.
And not only is she insane, but she’s also a manipulative asshole who deserves to get caught on camera doing shit like this so that the cops know she’s a manipulative asshole. The joke’s definitely on her here:

Seriously, who the hell goes straight to calling 911????…and this video needs resolution. Any of you readers out there know any more details about this incident? We’d love to hear about it in the comments. From the description of the video it says her boyfriend returned hours later and egged their cars, but there HAS to be more!


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