Read And Weep To This Young Woman’s Open Letter To The CEO Of Yelp

Alright bros read this beautifully outrageous rantpiece: ‘Lady Murderface’ was living, trucking rather, through such glaringly bleak conditions that she had to literally stave off her hunger with liters of agua. Now, I’ll have you know I previously presumed any jabronie tight on funds might have to dip extra deep into the Top Ramen pool to make it till the next paycheck arrived, but apparently if you’re working for Yelp and you’re this lady it could (did) get a whole lot worse.

Yes, it seems she couldn’t afford to buy groceries, and was pawning quarters off the local CVS jabronie when her funds fell short amidst buying groceries–sustenance–at a company that’s valued at 30 bucks a share, and worth upwards of $35 billion. Suffice to say, this extremely well-articulated chick lets loose a scathing outlook on her experience as a worker woman for Yelp. Read and potentially weep: