Behold This 18-Year-Old Dude Wifing Up A 71-Year-Old Woman In Real Life ‘Grandma’s Boy’ Scenario

Gary and Almeda Hardwick

Teenager Gary Hardwick met senior citizen Almeda through Gary’s aunt at her son’s funeral and they instantly fell in love and got married. Gary’s now 18, Almeda’s 71. They’re separated by 53 years. Here’s the lovely couple telling their story.

I could see getting seduced by a cougar, but a sabertooth? There have been men who refused to bone their cougar boss, even when held up at gunpoint. There have been college football players who go to book clubs to score some cougar coochie. We get fear boners over the top 10 cougars in movies. But, sabertooths? Did Gary watch Grandma’s Boy one too many times?

Listen, God bless elderly men and women who still have some gas in the tank when it comes to sexual exploits. I hope to be right there with ya at some point down the road. But, 17? There’s gotta be some faulty wiring in your brain. Our brains almost exploded when 16-year-old Courtney Stodden married that 50-something dude from Lost. This age difference trounces that.

I’m all for love. But, when your mind’s still developing and your body’s still maturing, you might want to let things shake¬†out. Knocking boots with granny panties one random night could make for a cool story, but marrying your mother’s mother’s BFF?

I’m sure the grey streaks in Gary’s hair definitely help his cause with Almeda.

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