Someone Thought It Was A Good Idea To Have A 7-Day Bachelor Party On A Cruise Ship

bachelor party cruise ship

jonathan leonardo / Unsplash

The Brilliantly Dumb Show Episode No. 73 has arrived and not a whole lot has changed in regards to the hard-hitting topics we continue to take on. Things all got started with my hot take on Zion Williamson and why I believe we can’t hold high school kids responsible for accepting improper benefits to attend certain universities. Next, we got into our more “Brilliantly Dumb” part of the show where I took on my issue with charcuterie boards.

Why is the guy or girl who brings the charcuterie board to a small gathering getting all the love and credit? That is a question I really didn’t have an answer to and I was appalled at the lack of credit I got for bringing salmon fillets, only to be completely outshined by the charcuterie board guy at the gathering that I attended.


Following the charcuterie board rant, we get into a 7-day bachelor party discussion that I was invited to. The only problem is, said 7-day bachelor party is actually a 7-day cruise. What does the recovery process look like after a 7-day cruise? If this goes how I think it will, I will be lucky to be fully recovered by their wedding day.

Finally, we close off with everybody’s favorite segment, “Ask Bob,” where I was asked a question about one of the finer things in my life, caesar salads. Is it acceptable to ask for a to-go box for your starter caesar? Is it weird to have a to-go box before you even get your entree? Are you now committed to carrying that to-go box around the rest of the night, wherever the night takes you? Again, that’s what we do on The Brilliantly Dumb Show, hit you with the real questions and answers we need to everyday life.