WWE’s Miz & Maryse’s First Date Was At A Sex Shop In Wichita, Proving Love Really Can Be Found In A Hopeless Place

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2015. This is when I stopped believing in the illusion of love, not coincidentally aligning with the divorce of Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne.

Today, after my sit down with WWE’s Miz and Maryse, my perspective has shifted yet again. The happy couple, who married in 2014 in the Bahamas and currently have two children (for now), began their flourishing love story in Paris a “seedy” sex store in Wichita, Kansas, likely under an overpass.

Joining our Endless Hustle, the stars of Miz & Mrs. (USA Network Mondays at 11/10c) detailed their beautiful and inspiring roots and I can’t help but feel restored in my belief of everlasting love.

Miz: “As we’re driving, I see this place off to the side. I’m like, ‘Hey! Pull over! Pull over! Pull over!’ It’s like an adult type place. It’s got adult videos, adult toys, adult things.”

Maryse: “It’s in the middle of Wichita, Kansas. It’s in the middle of nowhere.”

Miz: “It just says XXX.”

Maryse: “We walk in and there’s this swing. This mask with this ball.

Miz: “There was all sorts of cool stuff! And by the way this is our first date. I don’t want to be put in the friend zone. I was like, I’m not a friend. I’m a boyfriend or more.

Maryse: “He’s asking me what I’m into.”

Miz: “She is a little petrified as we walk in because it’s a little seedy. So we go out into the parking lot, we end up talking for like three hours in the parking lot of this place and end up going to the airport afterwards. As soon as I got to the airport, I remember going to Barnes & Noble, getting a French book where it could teach you French. And I remember telling myself, ‘Man, if I could only find a girl like that, I’d be really, really happy.’

And here I am today. Two kids, beautiful wife, happy life.”

And here I was taking my first dates to dinner and a movie like a chump. If I took The Miz approach, I’d have so much more disposable income to spend on ball gags and assless lingerie. That is why he is him, and I am me. SMH.

Check out our full interview with the couple below and check out Miz & Mrs. on USA Network Mondays at 11/10c. 


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