BIG NEWS: Oops The Podcast Is Now Part Of BroBible!

I’m very excited to announce that we’re bringing our podcast Oops to BroBible. I’ve been running this show with my cohost, Giulio Gallarotti, for about five months now and it’s starting to blow up.


It’s a podcast about mistakes, failures, and fuck ups that have cost people dearly. But we also explore the saves, redemptions, and comebacks that fallibility can produce. We all blow it sometimes; failure is human. Look at me! I was fired from Barstool in June and the internet tried to cancel me for a blog I wrote. Six months later, our podcast has taken off and I’m writing for you fine folks here at my new home at BroBible. This was the impetus for the podcast, especially as we’ve seen more and more comedians and public figures finding themselves in trouble for something they said or wrote. We want to hear from people who have found themselves in trouble of late, or are on the receiving end of the internet’s shame walk.

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We love hearing about the mistakes of our listeners, too. So please send those to You can also follow our instagram page here:

We post clips from every episode. They are colorful and fun.

Check out today’s episode, where we talk about the best ways to avoid the Coronavirus. We release two episodes a week—one with us, and one with a guest. Our guest this week is Remy Kassimir, comedian and host of the How Cum podcast. That drops on Thursday.

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy it and welcome to the show!!!