The Tinder Couple That Flirted For Three Years Might Not Actually Like Each Other

Good Morning America

In 2014, Kent State University students Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas each swiped right on each other’s Tinder profiles, and continued to chat on and off for three years without actually ever meeting up. In 2017, their conversation went viral after Josh posted it on Twitter, and after the screenshots managed to rack up tens of thousands of retweets, Tinder offered to send the duo on an all-expenses paid trip to a Hawaiian resort, because everyone knows the best first dates take place on an island thousands of miles away from home.

Good Morning America accompanied the two on their trip to Hawaii and documented their fantastically cliché first date featuring a scenic bike ride, selfies, and drinks by the side of the pool. The two seemed to enjoy themselves, but when it came to the prospect of a second date, neither seemed too eager to commit.

To her credit, Michelle complimented Josh’s “incredible energy,” while Josh was impressed by how focus-driven she seemed to be. They claimed to have been so busy in Hawaii that they’d been unable to discuss the “little things”— like whether or not they actually wanted to interact with each other in the future. Josh seemed to think they’d meet up again when they got back to campus, but Michelle seemed to deflect when asked the same question.

According to Josh, the “best case scenario” is that he gets to talk to a “pretty girl,” which means he either meant to say “worst case scenario” or has the worst definition of “best case scenario” that we’ve ever heard. They might not have been the perfect match the world was hoping for, but at least they have a great story they can tell when they go on a date with someone else they meet on Tinder.

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