Uber Driver Shares Epic Story Of How She Helped A Passenger Get Revenge On The Guy Who Ditched Her

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Just when we thought Uber was a horrible service that charges people $14,000 for 5-mile rides an Uber driver in Florida goes and does something so great that she TOTALLY REDEEMS the company.

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Here’s how the story goes…

An Uber driver, who goes by @vickto_willy on Twitter, picked up a female passenger. When she asked the passenger how her day was going the passenger broke down and admitted that she had flown from Texas to Florida to meet a guy and he ditched her. What @vickto_willy did next was incredible.

First, the driver offered to go beat the dude’s sorry ass. “…she politely declined and said that karma will get him…like sis karma might get him but my hands are faster.” Awesome.

Then she found out from the passenger that the guy claimed to be a Florida State football player, but things were starting to sound a bit shady…

At that point, she decided to take her passenger, whose name is Leah, out partying, “changing her life and getting her lit.”

At that point the alcohol started to hit and @vickto_willy realized that with great power comes great responsibility.

She then tweeted, “Update: His name is [redacted]. She standing outside the club. I tried to tell her not to call. Based on every excuse he’s used to avoid her, he either has a girlfriend or is a sociopath. He literally told her ‘I gotta leave cause I need to put lotion on my face’ what in the lies?”

So now she’s fully invested in Leah’s situation and decides to take things into her own hands.

Then she put him on blast, tweeting a picture of his Twitter and writing, “Update: I just told him to watch his back because I was going to tell my twitter family his @. Anyone know this prick?? He claims to be a student athlete for Florida State. So good that he thinks he can treat girls however he wants without it backfiring.”

Naturally, Twitter then went to work and she got loads of replies. None of them good for him.

“Played him in high school he’s sorry af and definitely isn’t playin anywhere in college,” tweeted one person.

“I know him. He went to my high school. He doesn’t even go to FSU, he goes to the community college,” DM’d another.

With the mystery of the ditching guy solved, she then dropped Leah off at her hotel, tweeting, “The night was wild but it was worth it. Glad to have met my new friend, Leah.”

In the morning she was back to give Leah a ride to the airport for her trip back to Texas.


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