This Chick Just Caught The 4th Largest Atlantic Blue Marlin Ever, A Pending World Record (1,305-Pounds)


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Angler Jada Holt just landed the 4th largest Atlantic Blue Marlin ever weighed, a freight train of a fish that tipped the scales at an astounding 1,305-pounds. Jada Holt’s catch of a lifetime is now a pending world record in the women’s 130-pound class (the strength of the line she caught the fish on), and she landed the 1,305-pound blue marlin just off of Ascension Island, a volcanic island that’s situated about halfway between Brazil and Africa.

News of this pending world record blue marlin began to spread like wildfire amongst the fishing community, as Jada Holt is the daughter of world-renowned fishing caption Chip Van Mols. If that name rings a bell it’s because I’ve written about Chip’s legendary fish in the past many, many times. During the Hawaiian offseason Chip and his daughter scour the globe in search of world records, and this time around it appears they’ve landed a truly memorable fish:

Then and now, proud papa!!!!!

Posted by Chip Van Mols on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Team photo

Posted by Chip Van Mols on Sunday, November 29, 2015

According to the website GranderWatch it only took FIFTEEN MINUTES for angler Jada Holt to reel in her pending world record blue marlin….that’s 87 pounds per minute. To put that in perspective, a few years ago when I landed a 300-pound Pacific Blue Marlin in Costa Rica it took me over an hour (though I was only using 25-pound test at the time, all light tackle).

In recent weeks the Black Marlin fishing in Australia has been as hot as it’s ever been, and I suspect that we’ll see at least one world record toppled in the coming weeks. So stay tuned if you’re the kind of bro who gets as stoked on fishing content as I do. And to keep up on the latest deep sea fishing news be sure to check out Grander Watch from time to time!