This Buffalo Sabres 1985 PSA About Why Drugs Are Bad Is Littered With Air Guitar, Sick Staches And Mullets

You guys, this is why I fucking love the Internet. Seriously, a drugs are bad PSA from the mid-’80s that was recorded by the Buffalo Sabres just miraculously pops up on YouTube and changes my entire life today, allowing us to remember the good ol’ days when people actually danced around with flowing mullets and played air guitar without worrying about showing up in some Vine for public embarrassment.

The message is even one-of-a-kind: Be fair to yourself.

The awkward dancing, the air guitars, the mullets, ahhh!, I’m about to lose my fucking mind watching this that I may need some sort of weed to calm me down. Wait, that just doesn’t seem right.

[H/T Deadspin]

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