2020 MLB Playoff Predictions: Picking The AL And NL Champs

tampa bay rays

Getty Image / Julio Aguilar

Is there a better time for sports than right now? Outside of the fact that all teams either have no or very few fans in the stands, you have to love the fact that the NBA, NHL, and MLB are all in playoff mode right now. The MLB playoffs kick off on Tuesday and I think we are in for one hell of a postseason regardless of the fact that things were a little different this year.

From Yankees vs. Indians to Braves vs. Reds there is no denying there are some key matchups to watch, but here is who I have going toe to toe in a matchup for what will be a very strange  2020 World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Out of the NL, I don’t think you can argue the fact that the Dodgers are a heavy favorite to win the pennant and more. These playoffs will require depth in pitching and that’s exactly what the Dodgers have from head to toe. Aside from the stacked lineup, the Dodgers roll out day to day with names like Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager, they have an arsenal of arms and enough of them to carry them to yet another World Series Appearance.

Tampa Bay Rays- The Rays are a team we aren’t really used to hearing in not only playoff predictions but in World Series predictions as well, but this team is for real. Once again, pitching depth is everything with this playoff format as there will much fewer days off, and that gives this Rays staff the advantage. From Tyler Glasnow, to Blake Snell, all the way to Charlie Morton, this team can throw a quality starter at you day in and day out. Tip of the cap to the Rays organization for building young talent and coming out of nowhere to be a very legitimate World Series contender.

Regardless of how on or off this prediction is, the Twins host the Astros for what should be an awesome start to the postseason on Tuesday. Keep that clicker in arms-length as remote duty will be as important as ever with how many postseason games are about to roll out at once. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show folks, the postseason is here.

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