3-Point Celebrations

Every player (that can shoot 3’s) has a celebration when hitting a 3 pointer in clutch situations or hitting consecutive 3’s. Here is only a handful of the celebrations

3 to the Head

 3-eyed Binoculars 

A$$ Up, 3’s Down

The Wings of 3’s


3 Fingered Soldier

<img class="alignnone" alt="" src="http://api.ning.com/files/oKKAujC1ZDf3OH3yHkp63XvQiCs3rdeIw2p8KQqXQVz**pOqymRRWXTrLyBz*hEhj*-WkELNp1pgbecV*U3q6w7GFyGk8XZq/Derek_Fisher_3.png?width=498&heigh

Six Shooters

Hold the Follow Though (Classic)