5 Reasons Why Pat McAfee Is The Undisputed King Of The Bros In The NFL

by 1 year ago

There are a million, gazillion reason to list why Pat McAfee is our favorite dude in the NFL. You read our site, you get it. He personifies the attitude and worldview and swagger that a Bro has across the board.

Instead of listing the 25 other reasons Pat is the man, I’ll give you two more: #1 — read Gregg Doyle’s column in the Indy Star about his work with veterans and military organizations. #2 — The time he (rightfully) called me out on Bro etiquette when I spotted Rodger Clemons chillin’ in a Houston strip club during the Final Four.

That’s a correct throw of the yellow flag. Definitely a Bro Code violation on my part, 15 yards from the spot of the foul:

Never change, Pat.

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