Aaron Hernandez Could Beat Double Murder Charge After Star Witness Potentially Lied Under Oath

by 2 years ago

Aaron Hernandez might actually beat his double murder charge after all.

Earlier in the week, the prosecution’s star witness in the Hernandez’s double murder trial, Alexander Bradley, testified that Hernandez shot him in the face and left him to die seven months after Bradley claims he witnessed the former Patriots tight end murder both Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a fatal shooting back in 2013.

On Thursday, Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez introduced a deleted text message Bradley sent in 2013 to his lawyer suggesting he was not certain who had shot him in the face.

Via The Daily Mail

‘Now you sure once I withdraw this lawsuit I wont be held on perjury after I tell the truth about me not recalling anything about who shot me,’ Bradley asked Robert Pickering.
Bradley stressed that he was not ‘perjuring’ himself in the exchange, and when repeatedly asked why he deleted the text, declared: ‘For the fourth time, I don’t recall what calls or messages I have or have not deleted.’

While that’s a crushing blow to the prosecution’s case and Hernandez might actually get off because of it, Hernandez will still be behind bars for the rest of his life after he was found guilty of murder in a separate case last year.

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